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At Advance Plastics, our attention to customer service is legendary. No other manufacturer is as responsive to customer needs and satisfaction than Advance Plastics. Our business depend on it!

The cornerstone of our longevity has been our continuous attention to your business coupled with our ability to manufacture and stock your desired bottles, jars and containers in anticipation of your smallest orders. While most manufacturers make and ship, we manufacture and stock thereby allowing you the flexibility to order only what you need, when you need it.

Our technical staff is available for consultation and trouble shooting in support of your operation.

Our highly experienced inside sales representatives are available to provide guidance and support to established customers, as well as new entrepreneurs, with equal enthusiasm.

Our business is customer service…call us anytime 7.00 am to 5pm EST.

Advance Plastics Industries, Inc
905 West 19th Street
Hialeah, Fl 33010

305-885-6266/ 6267



1 Specialty pool
2 Water
3 Bottles
4 Jars
5 Household Chemicals
6 Wide mouth Containers High Capacity Rounds
7 Special Gallons and Carboys
8 Custom Molded Products
9 Caps, Sprayers, Pumps
10 Custom Decorations
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