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When you need plastic containers, custom design, container decoration, flexibility, attentive customer service, competitive pricing, short or long runs, you call ADVANCE PLASTICS !!


For over 40 years, Advance Plastics Industries has been one of the premier manufacturers of plastics containers in Florida. We provide solid quality along with exceptional customer service.

We are a full service manufacturer of blow molded and injection molded products. We operate out of a 45,000 square foot facility in Hialeah, Florida, with a team of seasoned engineers, mold makers, plastic processing technicians, and containers specialists, representing over 150 years of combined plastic manufacturing, market experience, and rigid container packaging expertise.

One of our areas of expertise is in providing guidance in new product development for entrepreneurial companies or suggesting ways to present your new product ideas. From product creation to final commercialization, Advance Plastics can be your active partner in recommending any of our stock containers, or in creating new designs, building the molds, and in manufacturing and decorating the containers, to help you accomplish your marketing and product positioning objectives.

Because we do everything in house, we are truly your “One Stop” specialty plastic container and rigid packaging manufacturer. We can deliver all of your plastics packaging needs with minimum investment on your part. Custom design, mold making, manufacturing, custom decoration, and distribution, ………we do it all.

Give us the opportunity to present a proposal. Whether the bottle is in our catalog or not, or the neck finish is different than the traditional, as custom molders, we have the capability to fulfill your particular needs…..….and to do it economically!!

1 Specialty pool
2 Water
3 Bottles
4 Jars
5 Household Chemicals
6 Wide mouth Containers High Capacity Rounds
7 Special Gallons and Carboys
8 Custom Molded Products
9 Caps, Sprayers, Pumps
10 Custom Decorations
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