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Blow Molding

At Advance Plastics, we manufacture a wide variety of rigid packaging containers and bottles for a broad spectrum of industries. We have over 18 blow molding machines, and over 5 Injection molding machines in our sister company, including Uniloys, Bekums, Impcos, Van Dorns, etc. from 10oz shot size to over 30 lbs shot size. We have the capability to produce in HDPE-High density polyethylene, LDPE-Low density polyethylene, PETG-PET-Glycol modified; Polypropylene; and PC- Polycarbonate, and many other engineered resins.

We have a large range of stock bottles and containers ranging from 1oz to 5 gallon capacity. We own our own molds for all of our stock items, and can save you substantial upfront investment, if you do not want to invest in a new or specialty mold. We also carry a substantial inventory of many of our stock items, as well as a wide selection of custom and stock closures, sprayers, and caps, which enables us to meet all your small or large packaging orders in an expedited and timely basis.

Injection Molding

Through our affiliated sister company…Allied Injection Molding…www.ageplastics.com, we have 5 injection molding presses capable of producing a wide variety of injection molded products and closures. We offer maximum flexibility and efficiency in that we can utilize small to large cavitation molds. We can process all common resins as well as a wide variety of engineered resins.

Container Decoration and Product Assembly

For your convenience, we provide in house turn key Silk screening for up to three colors; as well as Pad printing; Hot stamping; Sleeving; and Pressure sensitive label applications.

In both our blow molding and injection molding operations, we offer a fully integrated and seamless manufacturing, assembly and printing capability. We pride ourselves in offering maximum flexibility to our customers for single and multi-pass printing, and in final product assembly, for small runs as well as large runs.

1 Specialty pool
2 Water
3 Bottles
4 Jars
5 Household Chemicals
6 Wide mouth Containers High Capacity Rounds
7 Special Gallons and Carboys
8 Custom Molded Products
9 Caps, Sprayers, Pumps
10 Custom Decorations
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